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P6-1206-3? What do the artwork designations mean?

P6-1206Every completely original piece has its own creation designation and is signed, documented and photographed.

The first part of the designation represents shape/size; the second part is the date of completion.

In P6-1206-3, "P" means the item is a Pendent; 6, for 6 inches — the inside measurement across the bottom. Then "1206" is its date of completion, or December of 2006. Finally, this one would be the third of three for a commissioned and matching set. (See this matching pendant set above) If it is a small letter b or c it is the second or third of its shape/size completed that month.

7S-103b would be a Slope-sided Shell Shade with an inside diameter of 7 inches completed in Jan of 2003 and the second one (b) done that month. 12S, 14S and 20S are slope-sided shades of 12", 14" and 20" at the inside diameter.

8H, 12H, 15H and T17H are all Helmet-shaped pieces and more closely resemble an inverted U at 8", 12", 15" and 17".

O22 or O23 are the Open and shallow shades that work beautifully upside-down as chandeliers.

The simply designated 10, 14, 16, 18 and 20 are all diameters of Shell Shades done in the shape of a half sphere.

T12, T16 and T17H represent forms directly borrowed and molded from Louis Tiffany's classic works.

W-1104 is a Wall sculpture and is usually lit from behind.

PedS-906 represents a Standing, Pedestal piece, also a sculpture, and completed in September of 2006.

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What is a Cabochon?

Cabochon is the shape of the glass pieces used in the Shell Shades and is most commonly used to describe stones in jewelry. They are oval on top and flat on the bottom. When perfectly clear they appear polished or crystal; beach-tumbled glass appears etched or sandblasted and diffuses the light in a softer way. I tumble the cabochon glass used in these Shell Shades.

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How can I control the light?

14-604prMany of the larger Shell Shades are offered with 3-cluster bulb set. This perfectly maximizes the range of colors your shade will emit. But different times of day and different moods require different intensities of light for softer or stronger color in the seashells.

I recommend a tabletop dimmer for the floor and table lamp Shell Shades. The base plugs into the dimmer, the dimmer into the outlet. The Shell Shade is then exclusively operated with the slide dimmer. It allows your Shell Shade to look its very best. These are available for purchase with your Shell Shade.

If the 3-cluster bulb set is used on a Shell Shade that is swagged and hard-wired into the ceiling, then a dimmer switch can be wired onto your wall switch. I would recommend an electrician do this for you at the same time the Shell Shade is hung.

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What kind of Bulbs are recommended?

The best choice are clear bulbs which I ship with every order. 60 watt clear bulbs for the larger pieces of one to three socket sets; 40 watt clear tubular bulbs for the Bankers' lamps; and 40 watt, clear candelabra base G-12.5 globe for the "7S" model Shell Shade.

I love the "natural daylight," or blue-tinted, light bulbs that are available at most grocery stores now, however, they are too hot! They will not hurt your Shell Shade in any way.

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Picture quality, I find, is very poor when I take the picture. It is difficult to get the subtle and wide variation of color glowing from the seashells. The camera wants the images to be solid colors—and they are not!

The photographs of high quality are by TGO Photography. They show more precisely how the Shell Shades appear lit and unlit—simultaneously!

If you are interested in a particular Shell Shade and wish to see more angles, make a request of me at ohdesi@shellshades.com and I can usually respond within a few hours. Please give the number of the Shell Shade with the request and an idea of what you’d like to see, i.e.; backside, four sides, base detail, angled from high side, etc.

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Holding a Shell Shade for Purchase

I will hold a Shell Shade for five days with email notification in anticipation of confirmation with Cashiers Check, Credit Card (VISA, MC, Discover), Money Order or PayPal. Write me by clicking this link: ohdesi@shellshades.com

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Cleaning my Shell Shade

16-703Clean with the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner.

If you have spilled something on your Shell Shade you can take it off the base and wash it in the kitchen sink or on the lawn with hose and brush.

To wash the outside set the entire shade on a flat surface. Use Simple Green and a plastic bristle brush. Make sure you are not scratching the surface of the metal beading between the shells. Rinse well.

To wash the inside put a double-folded towel or sponges in the bottom of the sink, or upside down on the lawn with towels donuted around the bottom for support.

Exercise caution when you lift and shift the shade so that you are never putting too much pressure with your fingers on a single shell. Allow to air dry or set in the sun. It can finish drying on its lit base.

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What if a shell breaks?

Perish the thought! But if it does I can easily repair it. Save the shell for me.

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How do I move or transport my Shell Shade?

Use both hands when picking up and moving. Carry it upside down.

If moving it around the house, place it upside down in a cushioned chair when you take it off its base.

To transport by car put it in the back seat, upside down, with a seatbelt around it. If it’s a small one you may want to use an appropriately sized box and always support them with stuffing.

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This product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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group-2_whitelineAbout Lamp Bases

I only offer a small sampling of lamp bases for sale—my art is in the Shell Shade itself. There are often hundreds of bases available at lighting stores and I am glad to sell you a Shell Shade you will love and you can purchase your own lamp base. Click ohdesi@shellshades.com to get that pricing info.

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Special Order / Commission Work

Do you see a Shell Shade you like but want or don’t want a particular color glass in it? Or you love the Shell Shade but need it in a smaller or larger size? No problem -- ohdesi@shellshades.com

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Every Shell Shade is numbered, documented and photographed and signed by me. Look for my signature on the glass.

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